World of Whorecraft

The game we are going to present today is World of Whorecraft – the sex game that parodies the world famous game World of Warcraft. It is one of the best selling MMORPG games of all time, and the XXX game we are going to talk about today is of almost equal quality.


  • High quality gameplay
  • Ultra sexy 3D models
  • No download required
  • The world of WoW well respected


  • Very addictive
  • Some very hard scenes

world of Whorecraft sex game

World of Whorecraft: quests and whores!

To introduce you to this game, we will start by talking about the gameplay. If you’ve already played a bit of WoW and you know how it works, you’ll quickly find yourself in the world of World of Whorecraft. It’s a XXX game whose gameplay is very similar to the base game (as it is the case for Grand Fuck Auto and Cyberslut 2069).

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You’ll be immersed in a fantasy world with quests and battles and grind to do, but this time with an erotic twist! Not only will you be able to fuck other players in multiplayer mode in amazing sex scenes, but you will also be rewarded at the end of quests with hot women to fuck in various locations on the map.

world of Whorecraft adult game

This is really a quality game in the XXX parody scene! The gameplay is surprisingly good for a title available online without downloading.

A graphically extraordinary game

Orcs, elves, or even humans, this is a game full of super well realized 3D models. The use of HTML5 has made it possible to create a game with realistic and beautiful graphics that do not require a download on your device.

The sex scenes are visually amazing, you will really enjoy fucking little elves that are not only ultra realistic, but the sound and noises they make are natural and exciting as you can’t imagine!

You can play as a big monster yourself like an orc or tauren for more fun! If you like sex games with no story but just hardcore fucking, consider playing iStripper as well as Erogames.

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world of Whorecraft 3d game

Registering on World of Whorecraft

Registration is quick and easy if you want to start playing now: before you play, you have to choose the gender of your character (male or female).

This doesn’t matter too much because you can change it later once you start the game if you want to! There are a few more things to choose from such as your faction, spawn location and the race you would like to play/fuck before you register.

You will need to enter your data such as email, last name, first name, date of birth, zip code and country of residence to finalize your registration. After that you just need to verify that you are of age, and you can start playing! No download is required.

Our final opinion on World of Whorecraft

World of Whorecraft is an excellent parody of an excellent game: the gameplay is very similar to the base game, and the graphics are of a very similar quality. Basically, you’ll be able to play World of Warcraft, do quests and grind, while fucking whores and having fun!

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