minecraft porn game

Minecraft Parody

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If you’re here to find sex games that are based on popular video games, you’ll love Minecraft Parody. Don’t waste any more time playing basic Minecraft and looking for diamonds – play Minecraft Parody and get your rocks off

minecraft porn game

Minecraft Parody, the sex game based on the best selling game of all time!

You must surely know Minecraft – this game developed by Mojang first released in 2011 is indeed the best-selling video game of all time. Everyone is familiar with the iconic visuals of this game from near and far: the cube characters and the iconic dirt and grass cube. So as you might expect, a popular video game is a XXX parody! Minecraft Parody is a game of great quality that will please the lovers of this very popular game.

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minecraft sex game

Minecraft Porn Games (the site that hosts Minecraft Parody) offers you many games in the same theme of Minecraft, about twenty. You will have access to all these titles by registering on the link on the left! If you like parody games of famous games, consider playing Fucknite and Red Bed Seduction, among others.


  • Respect of the Minecraft universe
  • A familiar game
  • Good quality graphics


  • A very addictive game

The Gameplay

The game is very similar to the basic Minecraft game: you start the game with nothing and (in this XXX version), naked. You have to mine, build and craft things. The only big difference that makes it a XXX title is the fucking! Indeed in this parody, you will meet female characters all over the game that you can take apart. They are hot and easy to get! You can also fuck creepers, or even play them! If that’s what you’re in the mood for, don’t worry, there are plenty of possibilities in this sex game.

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minecraft adult game

The graphics and visual effects of Minecraft Parody

As you might imagine, the graphics of Minecraft Parody are similar to the base game: everything is square and cubic, and the visuals are very simplistic. However, when it comes to the naked bodies of the chicks, a lot of work has been done to make them look rounder and sexier! So, we keep the classic look of the basic game while making the women sexy and desirable. The developers have really succeeded in finding a happy medium between sexy and faithful to the game!

Our final opinion on Minecraft Parody

Minecraft Parody is a game that will appeal to some, not to all! It’s a XXX game made for fans of the original game. The graphics are very particular and will not please everyone! However the sound effects are very natural, and the gameplay is really nice.

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