Slap My GF

Slap My GF is a hardcore porn video game for BDSM lovers – but with a twist: women love to be controlled! They’ll let you get in every hole while insulting and slapping them – and they love it! You’ll see them screaming with pleasure at every move you make, it’s pretty amazing. Today we’re going to give you a little introduction to this XXX title and explain why it’s so popular.

slap my gf sex game

Slap My GF, a collection of hardcore games

Slap My GF is a porn video game – but also a collection of hardcore sex games! When you sign up, you’re going to be able to not only play Slap My GF, but the entire collection of BDSM and domination games found on the site. When the game was released in 2016, the site was only dedicated to the game that bears its name, but as the years went by, the developers added little by little new titles that they created on the same theme.

So you can sign up to play Slap My Gf, or surf around to find a more modern game on the same theme that you like! If you like hardcore games, play Biatch Fucking and Bondage Simulator.

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slap my gf adult game


  • Ultra customizable characters
  • Very nice graphics
  • Other games available on the site
  • Women want to be dominated!


  • Very addictive.

Slap My GF, a beautiful and customizable game

This XXX game is indeed very beautiful: the use of HTML5 by the development team allowed to create a very realistic virtual experience and really beautiful to look at. The 3D is great and the bodies will make your mouth water! The women are ultra good and hyper realistic – you’ll have a hard time holding back your orgasm! Another nice feature of this game is the customization: from the beginning, you can customize the NPCs (non-playable characters) for more fun.

The customization system is very complete with many criteria that you can change to create the woman of your dreams – and you can even download other people’s creations. Some big fans go as far as recreating porn actresses in the game to really feel like they’re playing in an X-rated movie!

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This system of customizing chicks is ahead of other games in the style, you will be able to create the perfect woman in a quick and easy way! If you like to be able to create your own characters, other games you might like are VR Fuckdolls and Real Adult Sex Game.

slap my gf sex game

How to play Slap My GF?

To play Slap My GF or any of the other games on the site, you will first have to answer a short quiz on the home page. After answering all the questions, you can enter your information (such as your email and password), verify your majority with your banking information, and start playing! As we said above, you will have the choice between the basic game or one of the games in the large collection of other more modern games present on SlapMyGF.

Our final review of Slap My GF

To conclude on Slap My GF, our opinion is very favorable: the basic game is super exciting, the women are hot and like to be dominated. The graphics are beautiful and the sound effects are also very hot! The other games on the site are of great quality too – some of them are more modern so even a bit prettier graphically. It’s really easy to find a game you like on the platform, so don’t wait any longer!

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