Monster Hunter Parody – Review 2022

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Hunting monsters is fun, that’s for sure. But what’s better than hunting? Fucking! With Monster Hunter Parody you can fuck chicks in the Monster Hunter World universe, chasing big monsters and then fucking chicks! Read on to find out why we love this game so much and how you can play it too.


  • The Monster Hunter universe is well respected
  • High quality graphics
  • A complete game even without the porn aspect
  • The media part with porn and hentai videos


  • No HD downloadable version

Monster Hunter Parody, a sex game true to its roots

As you might have guessed, if you don’t like monsters or ultra hard sex, you’d better not play it. This game is not for the faint of heart! You can, if you want, play as a woman and get fucked by the monsters! They are hot and have huge cocks, so why not give it a try? If you like hard scenes with monsters, try Resident Simulator, the sex game that parodies Resident Evil!

monster hunter parody xxx sex games

You can’t compare Monster Hunter Parody to a mod of Monster Hunter World, because it’s really not the same thing! It’s a parody game, but it’s as complete as West Sluts or Narcos XXX. This excellent title consists of hunting and killing monsters, and being comforted after a long day of hunting by little hotties! They’ll bring you food and then give you a little blowjob to relax you. What could be better?

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How do I play Monster Hunter Parody?

You can start playing Monster Hunter Parody by registering for free at the link opposite. It is a light game that requires no download and can be played in your web browser. Once you have completed your registration and verified that you are of legal age, you can start a game of Monster Hunter Parody. Needless to say, you won’t be able to keep your hard-on down!

monster hunter parody sex games

The bonuses

If you like Monster Hunter Parody, don’t miss out on the media section that you will have access to when you register. This bonus part of the site provides you with a large collection of porn videos on the theme of monster hunter, but also other games with monsters. If you like ultra hard sex scenes with monsters, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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monster hunter parody porn games

Of course, those of a sensitive disposition should refrain – these scenes are only extremely hard! There are also hentai videos in the media section that you might like if you like hentai video games such as Monster Girl Island and FAP CEO.

Monster Hunter Parody: our final verdict

We are absolutely crazy about this game! Being big Monster Hunter World fans ourselves, this parody is really superb: the universe is very well respected, and the game is beautiful, especially when you know that it is available without downloading!

The monsters are incredible as well as the chicks, and that’s without even mentioning the whole media part of the site with its hundreds of porn and hentai videos that will make you get a hard-on without waiting. Try Monster Hunter Parody now to experience Monster Hunter World, but with ass!

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