Metal Gear Solid Parody

Metal Gear Solid is an infiltration game franchise that has been hugely successful since it first appeared in 1987. Like any good video game with a wide audience, there is a sex game to go with it. Today we’re going to give you our full review of Metal Gear Solid Parody, which makes players of the original franchise very happy!

Metal Gear Solid sex game

Metal Gear Solid Parody, first impressions of this sexy infiltration game!

Let’s start by saying that this game is very very beautiful : the graphics are incredible, and are hardly differentiated from the real game ! You will really recognize all your favorite characters from the franchise such as Snake, Sniper Wolf, or Quiet. The voices and sound effects are also of very good quality, and the voice acting reminds of the actors of the Metal Gear Solid games.

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Everything is done to make you feel like you’re playing an MGS game, but with more fucking! As you can imagine, all the iconic characters of the franchise are playable, and fuckable. Play as Snake, Ocelot, Raiden and more, and fuck Big Boss, Quiet and Sniper Wolf! If you’ve ever dreamed about it, this is the game for you.

Metal Gear Solid adult game


  • Respect for the Metal Gear Solid universe
  • Fuck the sexiest characters in MGS!
  • A very complete gameplay
  • Graphically speaking it’s a game of excellent quality


  • The hard sex scenes may offend the sensitivity of sensitive souls

The gameplay of Metal Gear Solid Parody

The game itself is quite similar to Metal Gear Solid games in terms of pure gameplay: you’ll have missions to accomplish, quests, targets to kill… in short, it’s a very complete game! A bit like Grand Fuck Auto, it’s a porn game based on the gameplay of a real game. As you play, you earn “silver bullets” and “gold drops”: these two currencies will give you access to certain aspects of the game.

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Silver bullets will allow you to buy weapons and unlock skills, while gold drops will allow you to enjoy 3D sex scenes with all the characters of the saga. Use your gold drops to fuck all the women you meet in the game – it’s not hard, they’re all hot and incredibly sexy!


Metal Gear Solid porn game
Metal Gear Solid Parody bonus site

In addition to the sex game we just presented, the Metal Gear Solid Parody website will give you access to several things: in the “media” part of the site, you will find porn videos as well as Metal Gear Solid Quiet hentai. If you like hentai and Quiet gives you a hard-on, it’s a little extra that really makes you want to sign up!

Our final opinion

To make a conclusion about this sex game, let’s say first that it is one of the best parody porn games on the market: it is very close to the game it is inspired from, with graphics of almost equal quality as well as a great voice acting. The gameplay is also a great asset, as it is based on the gameplay of MGS5, but adding the golden drops and ultra hots sex scenes to make you cum again and again.

All this without even mentioning the bonus porn and hentai MGS Quiet! If you liked the Metal Gear Solid saga or even just Metal Gear Solid 5, you will love this parody.

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