Jerk Titans

Jerk Titans is a game that is part of a new generation of porn games: with very realistic graphics and compatibility with several devices such as VR headsets and even some sex toys, you will hardly find better ways to jerk off! Today we’re going to introduce you to this sex game that leaves other sex games behind.

First we’ll talk about the gameplay, then the graphics and sound work, and finally its compatibility with a wide range of external devices.

jerk titans sex game


  • Amazing graphics and natural sound effects
  • Great compatibility with VR headsets and sex toys
  • Simple and effective gameplay


  • Gameplay can be a bit boring

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jerk titans adult game

The gameplay of Jerk Titans

Jerk Titans is, for the most part, a game played in the first person: this is just one of the details that make this game so immersive and exciting. You really feel in the action, even without a VR headset! (However the headset really adds an extra touch if you have it at hand). Virtual reality sex games like VrXcity have been all the rage for a few years now, and it’s easy to see why.

The goal of the game is simply to fuck as many chicks as possible: it’s not a game with a big story like Cyberslut 2069 or a parody game like Narcos XXX. It’s a game with a simple concept: accompany you and give you the tools to realize your wildest dreams in a bluffing virtual reality! All positions and fantasies are possible. You can even put the gameplay in the third person if you want to watch everything in a panoramic way. The possibilities are endless!

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The graphics and sound of Jerk Titans

As we’ve already told you, the ultra-realistic and modern graphics are really what make Jerk Titans such a great game: the use of HTML5 really allowed the game developers to create sexy and realistic 3D models. We also talked about the amazing graphics in our Sex Emulator review. The sound work is also a great asset for this sex game: the sound effects are super exciting and natural, without the trick we often see in sex games sometimes a little cheap of the same sound effects that are repeated every 4 seconds.

jerk titans 3d game

The compatibility of Jerk Titans

Indeed, it is really a unique and modern game for this reason: it is not only compatible with most VR headsets, but also with sex toys! As you can see, this means that you can literally immerse yourself visually, audibly and sensationally! You can put on your headset, your earphones and take your favorite sex toy, and experience virtual sex like you’ve never done before. Jerk Titans offers a complete sexual experience, giving you thrills from head to toe.

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Our final review of Jerk Titans

Jerk Titans is a great porn game that really deserves all the positive reviews we can read. It’s a game that offers a total immersion experience, with realistic gameplay, super modern graphics and that famous compatibility with your favorite sex toys.

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