Grand Fuck Auto

Grand Fuck Auto, that name probably rings a bell, doesn’t it? And yes, this is the porn game that parodies Grand Theft Auto, the best-selling video game franchise of all time! If you enjoyed playing and GTA, earning money and stealing cars, then this porn game will add the missing touch to the triple A game: fucking! Read on for our full review of this amazing ass game.

grand fuck auto sex games

Grand Fuck Auto, the GTA parody that will get you hard!

You played Grand Theft Auto as a kid, and now that you’re an adult, you’re looking for a similar, but sexy experience – no worries! Grand Fuck Auto will do the trick. In this game with incredible graphics you start playing as a naked male character – the goal of the game is to find your stuff (including your clothes), and find the man who is trying to kill you – while fucking as many women as possible in the process!

The gameplay is very similar to the base game – if you know anything about it, you’ll know what I mean. You can steal cars, shoot people, talk to multiple NPCs, whatever.

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grand fuck auto adult games

The gameplay is really satisfying for people who want to play a more complete game with a story, unlike games like Gangbang Simulator where the goal is just to fuck a lot of people. If you like sex games with a good story, discover also the game Cyberslut 2069.

You can still start fucking women directly if that’s what you’re interested in rather than the gameplay: there are bars and clubs where you can go to pick up hot chicks and take them apart in your car! Then there are other women that you can only access by playing a little bit, so you have the choice between two styles of play: just fucking women, or playing a little bit to access all the women in the game.

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grand fuck auto porn games


  • A complete and super fun game
  • Incredibly sexy women!
  • Several different game styles
  • Beautiful graphics

grand fuck auto sex games


  • The guns are too expensive from the start

grand fuck auto sex games

How to play Grand Fuck Auto?

To play Grand Fuck Auto, you will have to check that it is compatible with your browser (most of them are). By clicking on the link on the left, you will be taken to the game’s homepage – which will already make you want to play! The game first asks you to check that you are ready to see some pretty hard scenes, although these games can get addictive fast.

Then you have to say what you like in the XXX games: the fucking, the action, the gore or the cum-shot. Finally you have to select if you are used to play sex games or not. All that’s left is to enter your data and finalize your registration before you can start the game! So, do you feel ready?

grand fuck auto sex games

grand fuck auto adult games

Our final opinion

Grand Fuck Auto is an exceptional parody: the graphics are crazy, but the gameplay is really what makes it a great game! For RPG lovers who want to experience a real adult video game and everything that goes with it (story, NPCs…) while fucking chicks in ultra hardcore sex scenes, Grand Fuck Auto is for you!

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