Fuck My Dolly

Have you ever wanted to create a perfect woman? To cut her according to your desires, change the color of her hair, the size of her breasts, her hips, her buttocks, and much more? With Fuck My Dolly, this dream becomes reality! Today we’re going to take a look at this online game that offers you to fuck sexy and hot women created by you at will. Read on to find out how!

 Fuck My Dolly porn game

Fuck My Dolly: good and dirty women!

The concept of Fuck My Dolly is not very complex. The goal is to create scenarios and characters to your liking in order to create experiences tailored to your personal fantasies: it’s sort of like being a movie director, and you create a masterpiece! The goal is really to give the player freedom of expression, and to make them want to keep playing by creating lots of different situations and women. If you prefer games with a bit more story and gameplay, play Narcos XXX and West Sluts!


  • Exceptional customization
  • Compatible with most web browsers
  • Registration is free
  • Amazing quality graphics


  • Not much gameplay variety

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 Fuck My Dolly sex game

Cutting-edge graphics and incredible models.

Fuck My Dolly‘s graphics are amazing: the bodies respond quickly to your every move, and you’ll really feel like you’re there. The developers have done an amazing job, as even your weirdest creations have exceptional responsiveness. The creation and customization of your character is really cutting edge, much like in Sex Emulator.

You’ll start creating with 10 male character bases, 25 female character bases and even 2 bases for transgender characters! You will be able to use these bases to create the character you are going to play, as well as the one you are going to dismantle! Your creations are ultra customizable and you have a lot of free will.

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You can change the size and shape of all the features such as breasts and buttocks, even changing the shape of the nose! With so much customization, you can really create models that look like women you already fantasize about (like porn actresses, for example).

 Fuck My Dolly adult game

Conclusion about Fuck My Dolly

To conclude on Fuck My Dolly, the great asset of this XXX game is the customization : you will have the possibility to create any kind of character and customize them as you want. The graphics and the responsiveness of the models are of a very high quality, and the sound is just as good. In addition, registration is free and no download is required, and it is compatible with a large number of web browsers (chrome, firefox, safari, opera…).

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