Have you ever heard of Cumunista? This porn RPG sex simulator game not only makes you enjoy amazing sex scenes thanks to its creation with HTML5, but the gameplay is also super satisfying. It is a game that is much admired by the regular porn game players, and today we are going to explain why.

cumunista sex game

What is Cumunista?

Cumunista is a kind of fantasy simulator: it’s an RPG video game that allows you to realize your fantasies through various means thanks to super sexy and always hot NPCs! In Cumunista you will play as a young man who has just arrived in a new city. You’ll have no trouble getting all the women in town to fall for you! You’ll make your dreams come true by going through the hottest chicks in town – and none of them will say no to you!

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cumunista adult game


  • Super sexy and hot women at will
  • Free registration
  • You play a rich and handsome man!
  • All possible fantasies


  • It is a game that can become addictive very quickly

cumunista porn game

Opinion on the gameplay

As for the game itself, Cumunista is simple and effective: imagine yourself playing The Sims, then add some spice! The character you play has the goal to fuck all the women he likes. You’ll go to the gym, to the stores, to the nightclub and more, in order to meet hot and sexy women. You can even fuck them in public places! And they’re all bitches – with your muscular, dark and tattooed look, they’ll be throwing themselves at your feet.

If you like RPG games with a good story and sex scenes, play Need for Sin. You might also like Grand Fuck Auto. The important thing in this game is really the quality of the game during the sex scenes: the women are really hot! At no time will you feel like you are being sucked off by an artificial intelligence. The developers did an incredible job when it comes to the hardcore sex scenes in Cumunista (although the sex is less hard than in some games like Resident Simulator for example).

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cumunista sex game

How good are the graphics in Cumunista?

Let’s talk about the graphics in this exceptional game: you will see it by going to the homepage, the 3D models and the responsiveness of them are really incredible. You won’t have any trouble getting into the action with such realism: the women are not only hot and uninhibited, but they are hyper realistic! You will be able to realize all your fantasies with this game with super realistic graphics and natural bodies of the bombs you will dismantle!

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cumunista adult game

Our final opinion on Cumunista

Our review of Cumunista is very favorable: this game is a sort of RPG sex simulator where you explore a brand new city in order to find women to fuck. The graphics are really beautiful and you will rarely see such dirty women! They literally throw themselves at your feet throughout the game. Even aside from the sex scenes, you’ll love the RPG aspect of the core game.

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