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Pop culture is becoming part of the pornographic audiovisual. Nowadays, many porn videos and games feature your favorite characters from movies, TV shows or video games that you have fantasized about for a long time. Thus, Apexxx Legends takes up these codes by offering you a porn parody of the famous game Apex Legends.

In an erotic gameplay, you will be able to satisfy all your fantasies by falling in love with the sexy heroines of the game. Here we offer you a complete presentation and a general opinion on Apexxx Legends, this addictive sex game that is quickly becoming one of the best porn games of the year.


  • The atmosphere of Apex Legends
  • Very good graphics
  • Free game


  • The multiplayer mode is not free

apexxx legends sex game

Apexxx Legends: Overview of a very addictive sex game

Apexxx Legends is a very popular sex game among gamers eager for sex. This porn game has its roots in pop culture and offers an X version of Apex Legends. In the form of hentai, you can fuck all your favorite characters that you have fantasized about during your many hours of play. Thus, you will find the legendary sexy girls of the gameplay like the beautiful Wraith, the pulpy Wattson, the naughty Lifeline or the sensual Bangalore.

Just like Apex Legends, the porn version of the game offers you many fights to perform. The little originality is that they are sexual battles… You will have to make love to many female fighters during a torrid game to hope to win your game. This porn game offers you soft fucks that can be suitable for sensitive users. Here, no bondage or BDSM but sex games just as orgasmic and filled with eroticism.

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Apexxx legends: opinion on the ergonomics and graphics of the porn game of Apex Legends

If the concept of the porn game is appealing, the graphic quality and the sound background are extremely important in a sex video game. Indeed, it is through the image and the sound that the game will be able to excite you and make your libido rise and the sexual tension which results from it. Here is our opinion on the graphics, the ergonomics and the sound work of Apexxx Legends.

Sumptuous graphics for a quality sex game

First of all, we can only underline the fantastic work done for the modeling of the characters! Indeed, the sexy girls of the game have been brilliantly realized and are very realistic. You will find female models with nicely drawn curves, bulging asses and strong breasts bouncing to the rhythm of your sensual lovemaking.

Everything has been thought to make you believe that you are watching a porn movie. In the same way, the 3D action scenes will only increase your excitement with incredibly well realized sex. Indeed, no bugs are to be underlined and the girls will accompany your comings and goings in a remarkable way for torrid fucks.

apexxx legends adult game

A very accessible interface

The porn game is quickly taken in hand. Indeed, the platform will guide you throughout your games to allow everyone to understand and interact on the platform. The many features are easy to find making the games very simple and enjoyable.

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A well done sound work

The sound work has been extremely well done by the team of developers of the naughty game. Indeed, the numerous moans, torrid gasps and raw words thrown by your female partners are extremely realistic. In addition, the background music is of great quality. All this will only increase your pleasure and spice up this solo sex experience.

apexxx legends 3d game

The options of the porn game Apex Legends

Apexxx Legends is a sex game offering two different game modes:

  • The single player mode for daring and exciting romps with your favorite sexy characters.
  • The multiplayer mode for softer or harsher gameplays with other gamers from all over the world.
  • In all modes, you can participate in exciting porn scenes, receive fellatio, perform anal sex, fondle big boobs, caress your partner’s body and buttocks or even spank them.
  • Play alone or in a team

In this porn RPG, you can play in single or multiplayer mode. One of the highlights of this porn game is that you can play as a male or female character and fuck beautiful, sexy girls or well-ridden studs. You will then go hunting not to kill but to fuck your opponents. You will then find yourself in numerous sexual battles and you can take the opportunity to experiment with orgies. In a multiplayer mode, you play online with your close friends or your lover.

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For couples in long-distance relationships, this game mode will allow you to spice up your sex life and have a good time despite the many miles that separate you. More than a simple sex game, Apexxx Legends offers you a real interactive game where many actions will be proposed to you. Get your dick sucked thanks to the fellatio option, choose to practice sodomy or doggy style with your enemies and make your assailants scream with pleasure in many epic and erotic battles!

Set your preferences

The game offers you to define your sexual preferences and choose sex scenes according to your fantasies and tolerance. You can choose from very soft sex, orgies, hardcore fucking, fantasy love scenes or even domination. In the same way, heterosexual women, lesbians and gays will be able to find shoes to their feet in this porn game accessible to all.

Indeed, you will be able to choose to embody a male character as well as a female one and start fierce sexual fights with characters of the sex you are attracted to. This is rare enough in a game to be highlighted but this porn game offers great possibilities for all sexual tastes!

apexxx legends porn game

Fulfill all your fantasies

If at the beginning of this PC game you can only perform certain sexual actions, the more you play the more diverse the naughty possibilities will be. Indeed, here it is the experience that allows you to unlock additional content. So, the more you fuck, the more intense the sex you can have with your future opponents.

This game mode is very exciting but also extremely addictive. So, after several hours of gameplay, you will be able to fulfill almost all your fantasies, from threesomes to your most naughty desires, such as domination or submission sex.

Apexxx Legends: Enter a whole universe

If Apexxx Legends was created primarily for gamers who are fans of Apex Legends, this is not a prerogative to appreciate this gameplay which is one of the best naughty games on the market. Indeed, if the fans will appreciate the winks to the original work, the newcomers will discover a whole universe full of enticing characters and fantasy content allowing them to satisfy their sexual desires within this erotic game.

Thus, you will be able to discover a whole magic and mystical universe at the rhythm of relentless sexual games. This game, which is somewhere between fantasy and eroticism, will provide you with many pleasures and will allow you to enjoy yourself in an original way.

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Apex legends porn game: pricing and registration

One of the great advantages of Apexxx Legends is its free registration. Indeed, you will be able to unlock a part of the game completely free. Of course, some modes such as the multiplayer mode require a subscription. Nevertheless, the free version will offer you many erotic possibilities to satisfy your sexual appetite.

Once you have registered, you will be able to configure your character to make him or her enticing and then you will be able to start exploring this sexual mode and fuck the many characters in this naughty game.

A game for a limited audience

If this erotic game offers you a soft version that is very affordable and appreciated by some sensitive fans, the X game is not for everyone. Indeed, Apexxx Legends is a game for adults and minors are forbidden within the game. In the same way, individuals suffering from certain disorders such as heightened sensitivity, violent behavior, addiction to video games or epilepsy are advised not to enter this sex game.

Indeed, this game remains a violent game and can show brutal and hardcore sex scenes that can hurt some people.

Advantages and disadvantages of Apexxx Legends

Apexxx Legends is an extremely well made sex game. Nevertheless, the game has not only advantages but also disadvantages. We come back on the strong and weak points of this porn game for pop culture fans.

Our opinion on Apexxx Legends: a true Battle Royale of sex!

The reviews on Apexxx Legends are very positive on the whole. Indeed, the porn parody of Apex Legends offers you a very erotic version of the game. Here, you will be able to satisfy all your fantasies. Also, you will be able to fuck sumptuous creatures and live an unprecedented sexual experience.

The graphics are extremely well done. Moreover, the sound work is very well done. Finally, the way the game works makes the games even more torrid and addictive. As with all porn games, this gameplay is prohibited for minors. Also, individuals who are too sensitive or with certain disorders should refrain from playing. For the others, you will be able to enjoy long hours in a fantasy setting surrounded by many other players. The single player version is free, allowing you to test the porn game.

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